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Get Started With OnlyKey

1. Start Here

The first step in getting started with OnlyKey is to follow the steps here .

This will ensure you stay up to date on important OnlyKey updates.

2. OnlyKey Configuration

The users’s guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring the OnlyKey. The user’s guide is available online here Online User’s Guide as well as downloadable PDF format here User’s Guide PDF.

3. OnlyKey Support

If you have specific questions about the OnlyKey check out the OnlyKey Frequently Asked Questions first.

If you are having issues that are not addressed in the User’s Guide or FAQs check out the OnlyKey Support forum. If you are having a new issue not already mentioned in the forum this is the place to ask for help.

4. OnlyKey Apps and Software

Desktop App - The OnlyKey App is used for the initial setup and configuration of OnlyKey. Supported on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebook (with Chrome App).

WebCrypt is a serverless Web App that integrates with OnlyKey and to provide PGP encryption everywhere on-the-go. Supports Google Chrome and Firefox!

BrowserCrypt is a Google Chrome Extension that integrates with OnlyKey and to provide easy and secure PGP encryption in Google Chrome.

SSH Agent - SSH is a popular remote access tool that is often used by administrators. Thanks to the OnlyKey SSH Agent remote access can be passwordless and more secure.

Firmware - This is the software that runs on the OnlyKey itself. The OnlyKey firmware is open source and can be loaded onto the OnlyKey by following the instructions in the User’s Guide.

The firmware releases can be found here.

Command-line Utility - The OnlyKey Command-Line Utility is a command line tool targeted towards more advanced users. This can be used for configuration and testing.

OnlyKey Android App - The username / password / Yubikey® OTP login features will work without any apps on Android. With the OnlyKey Android app additional features like FIDO U2F, TOTP, and OpenPGP are supported. Get the app from Google Play here.

5. OnlyKey Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains guides and information for using OnlyKey in specific applications.

Using OnlyKey with Linux - Instructions for creating a UDEV rule for OnlyKey.

Using OnlyKey with Virtual Machines - How to use OnlyKey with VMware and Virtualbox.

Using OnlyKey with Qubes OS - How to use OnlyKey with Qubes OS.

Legacy Firmware Upgrade Guide - Follow this guide to upgrade firmware from Beta6 to Beta7.

Deploying OnlyKey to the Enterprise - Options for deploying ready to use OnlyKey to employees.

International Travel Edition Guide - Follow this guide to use the International Travel Edition OnlyKey.

Plausible Deniability Setup Guide - Follow this guide to use the plausible deniability feature of OnlyKey