How to use export keys from Protonmail, Keybase, and Mailvelope and load onto OnlyKey
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OpenPGP Support

OnlyKey uses the same standard OpenPGP keys used by popular services like Protonmail, Keybase, and Mailvelope. If you already have a key with one of these you can export the private key and load it onto OnlyKey. OnlyKey uses this loaded key for encrypted messages and files (see WebCrypt) and can use this key for secure backups of your OnlyKey (see secure backups).


Step 1. Follow the instructions in the Protonmail knowledge base here to Download your private key
Step 2. Follow the instructions here to load key onto OnlyKey
Step 3. Follow the instructions here to load key onto OnlyKey

Loading Keys

Step 1. Open the text file of your private key that you downloaded in the previous steps in a text editor. Select all of the text of the private key (CTRL+A), and copy the text (CTRL+C).
Step 2. Click on the Keys tab of the OnlyKey App.
Step 3. Put the OnlyKey into config mode doing the following
  • Ensure OnlyKey is unlocked
  • Hold the 6 button down for more than 5 seconds, and then release, you will see the light turn off.
  • Re-enter your PIN, you will see the OnlyKey LED fade in and out continuously (Red if OnlyKey Color) while in config mode.
Step 4. Paste the copied private key into the RSA Private Key box. Ensure Auto is selected as Slot, enter the same passphrase you used with Keybase, Protonmail, or Mailvelope. When finished select Save to OnlyKey

You should see a message displayed indicating the key was successfully saved to OnlyKey.

Now your OnlyKey is ready to send/receive OpenPGP encrypted messages/files using WebCrypt