Follow this guide to use the International Travel Edition OnlyKey
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What is the International Travel Edition?

This version of OnlyKey firmware is designed to meet all international requirements in regards to encryption. It does this by not utilizing encryption at all. Because this version does not utilize encryption the device can be used in areas where encryption is forbidden and/or there are mandatory key disclosure requirements. This is particularly useful for international travel where the traveler would like to have secure portable access to accounts.

How are accounts secure without encryption?

Even though there is no encryption, there is physical security of the accounts on the OnlyKey. This is accomplished through locking the flash memory and requiring a PIN code to access accounts. The accounts stored on the device can only be accessed with the correct PIN. Entering 10 incorrect PINs will completely wipe the device. Unlike a device like a flash/jump drive, the OnlyKey is locked so that there is no way of reading the data stored on the device.

Limited features

The International Travel Edition has a limited feature set, including:

  • Storage of 12 slots, each slot may contain:
    • Label - A reminder of what account is stored
    • URL - The site to log into may be automatically typed in the browser address bar
    • Username
    • Password
    • 2FA - Google Authenticator OTP (TOTP) is supported
  • Firmware loading through the app - You can switch back and forth from the International Travel Edition and Standard edition firmware through the OnlyKey app.

  • Preferences
    • Type Speed
    • Keyboard layout (International keyboard profiles are helpful for international travel)
    • Wipe mode
    • Inactivity lockout period

Features not included in the International Travel Edition OnlyKey that are available in the Standard Edition OnlyKey:

  • Secure backup and restore
  • FIDO U2F / Yubikey OTP
  • SSH/OpenPGP
  • Second Profile

Switch to Standard Edition Firmware

It is easy to switch between the International Travel Edition firmware and the Standard Edition firmware. In order to switch to Standard Edition firmware ensure that your International Travel Edition OnlyKey is in a factory default state and select [Load Firmware] in the OnlyKey App.

Setup guide

In order to setup an OnlyKey with the International Travel Edition first ensure you have loaded the International Travel Edition firmware and you have installed the OnlyKey app.

Step 1 - Select [Next] to get started.

Step 2 - Enter a PIN code, check the disclaimer box, and select [Next].

Step 3 - Re-enter PIN code, and select [Next].

Step 4 - Select [I don’t want a second profile, skip this step]

Step 5 - If you wish to set a self-destruct PIN enter a PIN code, check the disclaimer box, and select [Next].

Step 6 - Re-enter PIN code, and select [Next].

Your device is now set up, remove and reinsert OnlyKey to set up accounts.

About plausible deniability

An OnlyKey with the International Travel Edition is identical in functionality to an OnlyKey with the Standard Edition firmware that is in plausible deniability mode. This mode is enabled by setting the second profile to Plausible Deniability Profile. More about plausible deniability here.

A plausible deniability setup guide is available here.