Follow this guide to upgrade OnlyKey firmware and desktop app

We are pleased to announce that the latest and greatest OnlyKey software is now available! This release includes a new, easier to use desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux to be used in conjunction with the latest OnlyKey firmware.

Why Upgrade?

This release has a lot of improvements and new features. Here is the short list of new features in this release:

  • OnlyKey GPG agent support
  • WebCrypt 3.0 Available in Nov 2020.
  • Enhanced FIDO2 support (improved usability and ability to manage individual FIDO2 resident keys)
  • Sysadmin mode - SysAdmin mode permits OnlyKey to type almost any combination of characters such as Ctrl-Alt-Del, then enter usernames/passwords or system commands.
  • Primary Profile and Secondary Profile LED Color - OnlyKey supports a primary and secondary profile, switching between the two is now even easier. Hold down button #3 for 5 seconds to lock OnlyKey to switch profiles. Recognizing which profile you are logged into is now easier with profile colors, OnlyKey has Green light for Primary profile and Blue light for Secondary profile.
  • Customizable HMAC Keys - By default HMAC keys are random, these can now be customized for HMAC challenge-response. This feature is used for things like KeePassXC support.
  • Improved OnlyKey Agent SSH support - OnlyKey SSH agent now supports both derived keys and stored keys for users who wish to use a single key to log into multiple servers. PGP (RSA and ECC) key import support will be added in our next OnlyKey SSH agent release. This allows users to import existing keys to OnlyKey for secure SSH. Alternatively, OpenSSH supports OnlyKey — read more about that here.

Before Upgrading

Backup OnlyKey - It is always a good idea to create a backup prior to upgrading. Do this by going to the Backup/Restore tab in the OnlyKey app. Ensure you have a copy of your backup key/passphrase (User Guide Backup Instructions here).

Steps to Upgrade

Step 1. Upgrade OnlyKey desktop app - Follow instructions here to install the new OnlyKey app.
Step 2. Upgrade OnlyKey firmware - Follow instructions here to upgrade firmware on the OnlyKey

Steps to Upgrade OnlyKey firmware

Download Firmware

There is a tab named Firmware in the app. This may be used to load the latest firmware onto OnlyKey directly through the OnlyKey app.

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