The OnlyKey Chrome App is used for the initial setup and configuration of OnlyKey. Supported on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebook through Chrome or Chromium browser.
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The OnlyKey Chrome App is a configuration utility for the OnlyKey. For general information on OnlyKey check out the OnlyKey Product Page or the OnlyKey Kickstarter Page.

OnlyKeys can be ordered from the OnlyKey Product Page).


OnlyKey Chrome App is an app to be used along with an OnlyKey device. The Chrome app can be used for initial setup of your OnlyKey as well as configuration of usernames, passwords, and two-factor authentication.


To use the OnlyKey Chrome App :

  • Go to, click the ADD TO CHROME button.
  • Once the app installs ensure that your Chrome Bookmarks Bar is visible by going to Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks bar.
  • Select “Apps” icon in the bookmarks bar and select OnlyKey Configuration.

Start the App

To launch the app you can go to chrome://extensions and select the “Launch” button located under the OnlyKey Configuration app. Alternatively, you can install Apps Launcher from the Google Chrome Web store.


OnlyKey Chrome App on Github - This is the app used to set up and configure OnlyKey.