The OnlyKey App is used for the initial setup and configuration of OnlyKey. Supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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OnlyKey App

This is the official app for OnlyKey

OnlyKey can be purchased here: OnlyKey order


OnlyKey App is an app to be used along with an OnlyKey device. The app is used for things like:

  • Initial setup of OnlyKey (PINs)
  • Configuration of accounts (Slots)
  • Loading keys for OpenPGP and secure backup (Keys)
  • Backup and restore of OnlyKey (Backup/Restore)
  • Setting OnlyKey preferences (Preferences)
  • Setting advanced options (Advanced)

The app is required on all systems where Google Authenticator (TOTP) is used

For information on using the app with OnlyKey see the OnlyKey User’s Guide

Install OnlyKey App

Step 1. Download installer




Step 2. Install and launch the app.

If you have an OnlyKey to set up, once you have installed the app proceed to OnlyKey Setup

OnlyKey Chrome App (End of life)

Google is discontinuing Chrome app support on all operating systems. For now, the Chrome app is still available but Google has announced that it will be disabled in a future version of Chrome.

Step 1. Open the Chrome (or Chromium) Web Browser. If you do not have the chrome web browser installed you can install this by following the instructions here:
Step 2. Click here to browse to the OnlyKey Configuration Web app on the Chrome Web Store and select ‘Add to Chrome’
Step 3. When prompted select ‘‘Add App’’
Step 4. To launch the OnlyKey Configuration App select the top right menu icon -> Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks Bar to enable the bookmarks bar to become visible. Then select the Apps icon (Or alternatively browse to ‘‘chrome://apps/’’) and then select the ‘‘OK’’ icon to launch the OnlyKey App.


Check out the OnlyKey Support Forum

Check out the OnlyKey Documentation


OnlyKey App on Github