Follow this guide to use the plausible deniability feature of OnlyKey
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About Plausible Deniability

General information on OnlyKey plausible deniability mode is available here.

General information on the International Travel Edition OnlyKey firmware is available here.

Steps to Setup Plausible Deniability

Step 1. Select [Next] to get started.

Step 2. Enter a PIN code, check the disclaimer box, and select [Next].

Step 3. Re-enter PIN code, and select [Next].
Step 4. Enter a PIN code for second profile, check the disclaimer box, check the Plausible Deniability Profile radio button, and select [Next].

Step 5. If you wish to set a self-destruct PIN enter a PIN code, check the disclaimer box, and select [Next].

Step 6. Re-enter PIN code, and select [Next].
Step 7. Follow the instructions to enter a Backup Passphrase and select [Next].

Step 8. If you have an OnlyKey backup to restore, select [Choose File] and select your OnlyKey backup file and then select [Next] to load it onto your OnlyKey. If you do not have a backup just select [Next] to complete the setup.

Step 9. Your device will now automatically reboot. Enter the PIN for you first profile to unlock OnlyKey.
Step 10. Select [Preferences] from the top menu and then click [Set Wipe Mode]. Full wipe will completely erase both the OnlyKey data and firmware in the event of a factory default.